Client-Win Vector Remote Care Attain A $12.5 Million Investment With Plans To Expand Their Team

More than 10 million people have implanted cardiac devices today and with the ensure of the COVID-19 pandemic, remote cardiac monitoring technology has quickly accelerated and become an essential tool for to ensure those with cardiac implants stay safe – this is where Vector Remote Care come in!

Vector Remote Care was founded to enable care teams to accurately capture, manage, analyze and act on the remote data generated from cardiac devices, they monitor all services within the cardiology practice ranging from detecting irregular heart rhythms to hypertension.

Vector’s Story

The founder and CEO Kevin Hoffman had a personal drive to start the company, telling Crunchbase News:

“When I was in high school [my mother’s] device was always malfunctioning … We found out it was a broken wire that caused the implant to think she had a fast heart rate. That is something we monitor daily and are able to have the patient come in before there is a problem”

Kevin Hoffman Founder & CEO of Vector Remote Care

Kevin founded Vector in 2017 and have remained focused in delivering the best possible care to their patients. Since they launched in 2017 Vector have been able to prove:

·       A 90% increase in patient compliance of connecting Vector to monitor their data

·       A 90% decrease in false alerts

·       A 58% increase in clinical review

Showcasing the great work and talent the team have been able to achieve, it isn’t surprising they were able to attain an enormous investment!

$12.5 million Series A Investment

On April 26th 2021,Vector announced they had closed a $12.5 million Series A investment led by Updata Partners to accelerate their ground-breaking work on remote cardiac monitoring tools.

The investment comes off the back of a huge growth period; Vector Remote Care have seen exponential growth in the past 2 years, with saw ARR increase 250% and their software monitoring 910billion heartbeats in 2020 alone.

Plans To Expand Their Team

With this funding Vector plan to expand their executive team with plans to double their team within the next year and enlarge their monitoring presence.

Here at Strathmore we are excited to be partnering with Vector Remote Care on helping them double in size and expand their teams over the coming year to achieve their goal of improving the lives of more than 10 million people with implanted cardiac devices.

If you are interested in joining the crew at Vector, check out their careers page and join this up-and-coming company

Vector Remote Care Careers