Strathmore works with tech talent across the scope of emerging technology.

We source everything from systems analysts to cloud architects, penetration testers to CISOs and data researchers to chief data scientists, focusing on three key specialisms: Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence.


The growing adoption of cloud services means cloud technology is now a must-have feature in any organisation’s product roadmap. We help you research and map the essential cloud and enterprise specialisms so you can build out an integrated full-stack cloud team.

Niches: DevOps, SRE, Software Engineering, Continuous IntegrationTechnologies: AWS, Azure, GCP, Oracle, Openstack, VMWare, vCloud

Opportunities: CTOs, DevOps Engineer, Cloud Operations Engineer, Infrastructure Engineers, Cloud Architects, Product Owners, Software Developers

Cyber Security

There are almost 1m people employed in the cybersecurity workforce and 0.5m open, global opportunities.

We help you stay ahead of both the global developments in CyberSec and the hackers who trail them, empowering your clients in turn to meet their federal data protection obligations.

Niches: Application Security, Cloud Security, Network Security, Information Security and Governance

Opportunities: Cybersecurity Analysts, Cybersecurity Consultants, Cybersecurity Engineers, Incident Analysts, Penetration & Vulnerability Testers

Artificial Intelligence

The competition for the latest roles in Robotics, machine learning and neural networks is just as relentless as the velocity in the industry. We use intelligent tactics to deliver a customised selection of pre-qualified candidates.

Niches: Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Computer Vision, Robotics, Speech Processing, Natural Language Processing, Planning

Opportunities: Data Scientists, Computer Vision Researchers, Data Engineer, Business Intelligence Developer, Machine Learning Engineer, Deep Learning Engineer

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