Strathmore works with groundbreaking talent

We source everything from systems analysts to cloud architects, penetration testers to CISOs and data researchers to chief data scientists.

Global & Remote Talent

Location dependent hiring is dead. We eliminate the barrier of traditional hiring to give you access to worldwide talent. The global skill shortage just got less tricky.

Strathmore’s search and match algorithm delivers candidates willing to compete for a place on the most disruptive projects – globally and remotely. We can help you establish a new presence on a different continent including payroll, benefits, taxes and compliance.

Disruptive Talent

Revolutionaries and disruptors show us what’s on the horizon. Our candidates are self-directed learners with a growth mindset.

Competing for the best career moves in a global marketplace, they’re risk takers and move quickly. We empower you with rule-breaking talent that is ready to set the agenda

Agile Talent

Output eats hours for breakfast! Our autonomous experts are comfortable in cross-functional teams, fast-paced environments and up for radical decision-making.

We help you find people fast who can be pulled in on sprints and projects to maximize your uptime.

Cloud Computing

DevOps, SRE, Software Engineering, Continuous Integration, AWS, Azure, GCP

Cyber Security

Application Security, Cloud Security, Network Security, Information Security and Governance

Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Computer Vision, Robotics, NLP

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